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National Association of Rocketry Annual Meet
Johnstown, PA          Aug 8 - Aug 14, 2009

Research and Development<

PlaceContestantNAR NumberSectionProjectTotalNAR Points
A Division
1Stenberg, Alyssa87476581Making Competition Rocket Building Easier for Beginners12880
2Alexander, Michala85196473Breaking The Golden Streamer Ration Rule21728
3Nowak, Rachel88072606A Newcomer's Video Guide to Flying at a NAR Competition31152
B Division
1Steele, Cassi81474506Designing an Effective Parachute Dethermalizer12880
2Guzek, Brian86418473Active Stabilization Flight Computer21728
3Steele, Carrie78080506Development of Thermal Detection Unit31152
4Steele, Katie80121506Simulator Accuracy of Low-Powered Models Compared to Actual4576
5Boadway, Amanda82337500Which Egglofter Flies Higher?5288
5Smith, Josh86355500Different Times of Helicopter w/ Different No. of Propellers5288
C Division
1Coleman, Ryan59361519Why Might Heavier Motors Fly Higher12880
2Konshak, Mike896565Calibrating Model Rockets for Precision Altitude21728
3Stevens, Chan80019624Poke Yoke31152
4Peterson, Patrick30146519Vapor (unintelligable text)4576
5Calvert, Jay71767500Art of Airstart5288
5Kral, James85566535Expected NARAM Finish5288
5Ring, Chad50652519Precision Altitude5288
5Vinyard, Keith24568INDHand Launch RCRG5288
T Division
1Bumbling Bros. Flying CircusT-011500Altitude w/ Rocket Cameras12880
2Pod Bay DoorsT-201506Cluster Ignition Simultaneity21728
3Dark SideT-500500Outreach31152
4Jedi KnightsT-066606Where have all the Children Gone4576